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    Just a quick post to remind our customers to beware of fake antivirus, and malware removal software. We are seeing a definite increase in software pop-ups generating misleading errors and alerts. Usually these alerts attempt to lure you into providing credit card or payment details to 'clean or remove' the viruses it 'finds'

    Please be cautious when surfing the internet. Do not install or accept any downloads to your PC when prompted by pop-ups claiming your computer is at risk and asking you to enter credit card information. By installing rogue software you may actually be installing software that will allow additional viruses and malware on to your machine.

    As always, if you are unsure about software, or are worried that your computer may have been compromised - please feel free to call or email our helpdesk (604) 792-0670 and an experienced technician will assist you in removing the malware from your machine.  In many cases we may be able to do it remotely from our new Customer Service Portal.